About Me.

Jesse LaDue

Bio? I have yet to work up the nerve to write about myself for several paragraphs. How about a list of semi-interesting things about me instead!

  • I like to make lists
  • I am told I have a dry sense of humor
  • I am a proud father
  • I feel energized while creating
  • I solve problems with technology
  • I have nearly 20 years experience in IT
  • I like creating web apps
  • I am a baseball and San Diego Padres fanatic
  • I love camping and exploring the wilderness
  • I like to fish
  • I collect vinyl records
  • I am a recording engineer and DJ
  • I hail from the city of San Diego
  • I write music
  • I enjoy writing of the word variety also
  • I am a craft beer enthusiast
  • I will watch or read just about anything Sci-Fi
  • I am almost always enrolled in a class/course of some sort
  • I am an introvert and it’s great (INTP)
  • I am a proponent of meditating daily
  • I love animals, especially dogs
  • I feel uncomfortable talking about myself this much.

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