I have worked with dozens of professional organizations and clients both in a full time corporate role and as an outside consultant/freelancer. Here are a few listed below.

What I can do for you.

While wearing my technical hat, I am a problem solver at my core. I use a strong foundation in technology to come up with solutions to common business challenges. Donning my creative hat, I enjoy tapping into my curiosity and sense of style to produce works of art in several different mediums. The creative “flow” state is my favorite place to be and I work hard to build an environment to achieve it regularly. My two sides intersect nicely as I often choose an assortment of technological tools when creating.

IT Professional

I have nearly 20 years of experience in a wide range of IT roles. From technical support, systems administration, infrastructure engineering, DevOps, and IT management roles. A tenacious problem solver that strives to bring a calm, personable demeanor to all projects and frame intimidating technology concepts into easy to understand terms for the client.

Web Builder

I have built and contributed to websites/web applications for dozens of clients, mostly in the small to medium business space. While I have a good grasp of standard front-end web technologies, I do not consider myself a full fledged web developer. I have merged my interests in infrastructure and web application development into systems engineering roles with a DevOps approach.

Music and Audio

While primarily a labor of love, I do occasional work professionally in the music and audio industries. I have released music commercially under various guises and done recording and mixing work for others. I have performed as a DJ at hundreds of events spanning 20+ years. I have also done editing work for films and podcasts and sound design for mobile apps.