Gimmicky music isn’t something I generally go for or push but something about Halloween makes it OK for me. Truth be told, I’m a bit of a sucker for the campiness of Halloween and horror movies in general. Im not afraid to admit to firing up Netflix on a regular basis and haphazardly browsing through the Horror section and randomly picking something awful to watch in the middle of the night. I love a good scare, or a good laugh as it were with many of the choices in the genre.

Combining my love of horror and my music studio tinkerings has kind of become a tradition now. Some were just dark, some more playful, but all with an eye to the macabre. This year I went back to one of the most infamous Halloween dance music moments of all time for my source of inspiration, MJ’s “Thriller”. Now the world certainly didn’t need another house bootleg of Thriller (and I’d already done that before) so I instead wrote an original track and started chopping up the Thriller voiceover from horror icon, the “Merchant of Menace” AKA Vincent Price. Happy Halloween from my haunted house to yours.

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