Breaking the Routine

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted anything here. Im told that is a no-no in the blogging world AKA blogosphere. Yep, still feels dumb saying “blogosphere” so let’s avoid that going forward.  My excuse for not posting is that I was on the road for a couple weeks. Sure, rumor has it other places outside my hometown have WiFi but I was “off the grid” mostly exploring the wildernesses of Nevada, Utah, and Northern Arizona. It’s definitely a beautiful part of this world, I recommend seeing it if you haven’t. Even more so if you are a nature lover of any kind. Impressive as many of man’s achievements have been and will be, they rarely hold a candle to what nature has sculpted. Below is an image I captured of one of the many amazing natural wonders I visited on my trip.

Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon

Along with being an awesome experience, the trip also served as a good change to my routine.  I was suffering a little in the creative department and wasn’t happy with the musical ideas I was coming up with. I was also in a relatively down mood, another common side effect of being too entrenched in a routine I’ve found. I was bored. After a couple of weeks away from my music making devices, I began to miss it and was eager to make some noise again. That feeling alone is often worth the time off. A small reminder that you still desire something is refreshing.  It’s also beneficial for your brain’s neural pathways when you throw it into a new environment, with a totally new set of inputs and challenges to deal with.  While I am a believer in routines for establishing habits and getting work done, studio or otherwise, it’s important to keep your brain guessing regularly also because it opens up channels for new ideas.  Seek new experiences, people, and challenges.

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